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Help you in Selecting The Best Available

Every day different careers & professional opportunities are emerging. No matter how much you want to do all of them you will have to prioritize and choose the best option for you. We help you to decide which is the best viable options for you. This process of career planning is vital for your success.

Fix Your Goal

We help you in fixing your goal. We have counsellors who can judge your capabilities based on apptitude test and talk with you. We have our own link to various industries and in every corner of the country and depending upon their requirement we suggest you to join courses and practice sessions to crack the job.

Save You From ill-advertisement

Higher education stood witness to a fast shift from traditional classroom teachings towards Technical education. We have our counsellors through out the country to judge them and let you know the actual standing of the organisation to save you from the advertisement world which represent a rotted apple to be a freshly riped sweet one.

The Akar Team


Services we offer with Social activities ...

Career Guidance

We conduct career guidance sessions with industry leaders to guide you the bits & bricks of employment world.

MOC & Preparoty Exams.

We conduct regular exams with the help of top training and coaching personalities so that you can judge your own standard and preparation status.

Seminars with E-Papers.

Akar Foundation conduct seminars on the regular basis on various topic partaining to Youth only with major focus on education and employment.

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